Vicks Humidifier Humidifies The Room Naturally As Nature

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Humidifier the main function of the humidifier is to humidify the air. Humidifiers work by adding heat and moisture into the air you breathe. Now a day breathing can be such problem when you have a cold or flu. A humidifier can give a great relief when you are dealing with allergies or colds, in humidifiers there are special filters are present which is designed to remove dust, smoke, and other odors and contaminants during operation.

vicks humidifier its one of the best humidifier in the market with easy function and easy cleaning also, when we are talking about cleaning its very important if possible daily clean the humidifier, if the humidifier is not clean properly it lead to dangerous bacterial or fungal growth in the humidifier due to its warm, moist environment. Regular cleaning can avoid this problem.

Daily cleaning

First turn off the vicks humidifier and wait to cool down the humidifier.

Drain the water from the humidifier totally remove the top portion, tank and fan housing from humidifier.

Then wash the container with fresh, warm water (not hot)After that Wipe down all the areas you can get to on the water tank and water tray with a clean, dry cloth after it dry totally you can assemble it and use it again a heathy clean humidifier.

Weekly cleaning

Turn the vicks humidifier off and wait for it to cool. Empty the removable water tank and flush it with warm water will clear the bactries.

First remove the water tank and after it Turn on the vicks humidifier and allow the air to flow through the wicking filters and stop the humidifier when the filter is completely dry.

Turn off the humidifier and unplug it from the wall, some latest modle of vicks humidifiers have cartridge filters that directly fit on the top of the housing. Instead of cleaning these types of filters we were replaced them as needed.

remove the water tray to separate it from the base. Pour a cup of undiluted vinegar into the tray, base and different parts which has to be cleaned allow it to set for 20 to 25 minutes. The vinegar will clean the water tray and other parts pour the cloth on the vinegar and clean or wipe out the parts of the humidifier properly from inside to remove scale, after that Rinse with warm water.

Do not use soap or any cleaners other than white vinegar to clean these parts.

Follow the same process for the weekly cleaning, ensuring the units are completely dry before the assembly.

Clean the outer portion of any Vicks humidifier every week to keep the unit clean and looking good. Use a dry cloth to clean the outer portion around inlets, outlets, filters, and electrical or mechanical parts.


It is best to disinfect your humidifier in cases where mineral deposits from tap water settle in the water tank. It may appear dirty or the water may look cloudy when the holding tank is filled. You need to disinfect only if the unit seems dirty, as proper cleaning is usually sufficient.

Fill the water reservoirs of Vicks humidifiers, using a mixture of 1 teaspoon bleach per gallon of water. Wait 20 minutes, stirring the water occasionally or rotating the container, to spread the bleach and penetrate every part.


Avoid the exposing of mechanical or electrical portions of the humidifier to water. Doing so may result in electrical shock and injury.

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